a human wearing a black beanie, black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black vans standing with her chin held high towards the sky and hands crossed behind her back. she's standing on a cobblestone path lined by cacti on either side and an overcast sky above.

1:1 support

my sobriety is joy-focused, celebratory, resisting intoxication culture + decolonizing my mind, body, + spirit. i want my communities to go from surviving to t h r i v i n g.

we start with a *free* 30 minute conextion session to see if our definitions + approach to healing vibes. if it does, we'll choose the best level of support together!

limited sliding scale + trades available

everything i offer, suggest, or recommend comes from investing in it for my own healing journey. all partnerships are with folx that identify as (qti)bipoc + i've either personally experienced their work or they are vouched for by community.

book session
gabe in glasses, wearing a short-sleeve button up and shorts, sitting cross-legged on the ground with an open notebook looking into the camera


throughout my own sober journey, i have learned a lot about what works + doesn't work for my communities when it comes to healing. it seems that we're all working towards the same goal. if that is indeed true then we should not be competing, but rather collaborating. let's chat about how to make that happen.

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