gabrielle (gabe) rodriguez, she/her

☉ capricorn ☾ sag ↑ sag

a sober, queer, daughter of mexican immigrants with tepehuanes, rarámuri, y spanish ancestry, sister of 3, raised lower middle class in the predominately white suburbs of kansas city, missouri.

my experiences within aa rooms was the catalyst to co-create la conextion. co-create because my communities help(ed) bring this dream to reality.

my approach to sobriety:
sober as resistance.
laughter as medicine.

my approach to this work:
embodying the principles of emergent strategy by amb
(p. 27) i am a mover + a shaker at the speed of trust that has so many ideas, dreams, goals, visions for our qtibipoc community. little by little, relationship by relationship, we will continue to build + co-create the world that we deserve + more importantly, is deserving of us.

gabe resting her chin on her knuckles with a smirk looking into the camera